In stocks market, buy and hold are very popular strategies but when it comes to forex, it is somewhat considered as useless and oftentimes regarded as dangerous. There were debates and smart minds in forex world which argue that it is not applicable to currency trading. However there are certain sectors although agreeing that it […]

Forex trader
20 Nov 12

This article highlights the top eight reasons why you might prefer to trade in Forex rather than on the stock exchange. This is particularly aimed at people who are new to trading and are wondering which would be the best sort of trading for them to take part in. There is a far greater trading […]

Foreign exchange traders, given the choice, would buy at bottom price and sell at the highest. That strategy is easy enough to understand. What is difficult to understand is how low is low, and how high is high? Waiting too long can mean lost opportunities, and many traders will advise against that strategy. Still, there […]

When it comes to foreign exchange, automated forex trading has undergone a significant evolution over the past few years. Many different software systems and forex robotics have come out in the open because of catchy yet false headlines like “rake money and be rich” or “get the chance to make a thousand dollars in a […]

There are basically two methods of forex trading used nowadays; the first is called the traditional method in which forex trader chooses a broker, sets funds, fixes schedule for trading, does price variation analysis and makes investments. The second is automated method where you can make use of forex robots, also known as Expert Advisors […]

The foreign exchange market or forex has been recognized sometime in 1971 and from the time forex has started to undergo online currency trading operations, more and more people from different parts of the world have taken their time and chances to participate in this very competitive way of trading currencies. This is not surprising […]

Forex trader
24 Jan 14

Being into any kind of business entails a lot of risks whether it is in gaining or losing profit. In the Forex business, the risks are palpable but handling them would need extra measures since it involves many financial entities such as banks and the trader himself. Big corporations also comprise the Forex business making […]

Forex trader
25 Dec 13

Having a good trading plan helps a lot in making money in forex trading. However, there are still a lot of ways to have an effective trading and make money in this lucrative market. One of these is to have a low spread forex broker. Because forex brokers get their fee from the spread, the […]

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