Trading hours in forex market

There are marked differences between forex market and the other stock exchanges which people are normally accustomed to. The first point to be noted is that the market has no closing hours and works 24 hours starting from Monday and ending by Friday. This turns out to be beneficial for the trader as he will be able to do the trading procedure at virtually any time of the day. He can go about with his day to day chores and then when he gets some time to relax, he can log into his forex account and do some minor trading. No need to spend hours loathing in front of the computer.

Trading hours in forex market

There are also virtually no waiting periods in forex market along with even longer queues. But there are some factors which have to be noted regarding the forex market which will be listed in the following passages. Even though the trading can be done at anytime which is feasible to the trader, there are some specific hours in which you can churn out cart loads of money if you are intelligent enough. There are some hours where the pulse of the market can be appropriately felt and it is important to trade during those hours.

If one comes to know about these hours, he can turn the tide to his favor and make some serious money. So how do one find such hours? It is really easy, do the trading when the market is buzzing with activity. The activity increases with the cash flow into the market and is mainly dependent on the trade volumes. Currency movement is an important scaling factor in forex market, the more the movement of your desired currency the more are your chances of reaping profits. The peak hours might keep on varying and it is always better to keep a sharp outlook for the hours.

It is also a well known fact that most of the experienced traders stay away from the forex market when it is slow as well as sluggishly moving. As the reader might already know the trading is mainly carried out in four different markets starting with Australia and ending in New York. And because these markets happen to be in different time zones the market is virtually open 24 hours in a day. Care must be taken to learn about these time zones and with careful monitoring it can be found that most of these time zones overlap at certain durations.

And it is during this overlapping period that trading activity increases. And like mentioned earlier in the article, more activity will result in a high chance of you striking gold. If you cannot be in front of the computer during the desired hours, there are automated software programs which assist you in being online and monitoring the currency’s values. This ensures that you are not left in the dark just because you cannot be in front of the PC to trade.