Forex Market Analysis and Best Strategies to Use

The objective of this article is to make you understand what forex trading is and how different strategies plus forex market conditions are used to increase profit making opportunities. As you must be aware of forex is foreign currency trading where gains or losses are incurred because of favorable changes in forex rates.

Forex Market Analysis

In this article we will look at several things which play their part in forex trading, these include:

  1. Forex Terminology
  2. Entities forming the forex market
  3. Factors which influence trading
  4. What are forex trading products
  5. Forex Indicators
  6. Tasks performed by a forex broker
  7. How risks are minimized in forex trading?

Forex Terminology

In forex market trading you will come across different terms and knowing what they mean and how they are used while trading is essential part of forex fundamental analysis. Some of the common terminology that is used in forex trade consists of words like options, spot, forward, future and swap.

Entities forming forex market

There are different entities which are part of forex market trading and all successful forex traders should have knowledge about them. The most common entities are central banks, non banking financial companies, money transfer agencies and investment firms.

Factors which influence trading

There are various political and economic factors which have an affect on forex currency rates and while trading you need to be attentive of changes in these factors. Political situation, both within the country as well as international ones have their effect on the forex rate. Events in nearby countries as well as political stability within the country play significant role in determining foreign exchange rates. Similarly, economic conditions like fiscal policies of the government and trade balances impart their influence on rates.

What are forex trading products

All currency trades create a forex trading product and the format of a currency pair is like TTTUUU. In TTTUUU, TTT and UUU are codes referring to 2 different currencies and the first value, i.e., TTT is known as base currency. At the start of your forex trading venture you will have to acquire knowledge about all these terms and how they are used.

Forex Indicators

Information about forex indicators can help you take right decisions and increase your profit margins. Forex indicators such as relative strength index are used to calculate variations in ending prices. Similarly, another indicator called stochastic oscillator helps to measure currency closing prices in any given time frame.

Tasks performed by a forex broker

The main task of broker is to increase profits for the trader as well as act like a linkage between different interest groups. Forex broker also has to take decisions such as liquidation of trades in case margins go below defined level.

How risks are minimized in forex trading

Forex hedging is a common method used to reduce losses and risks associated with fluctuations in forex rates for transaction which will occur on a future date. Similarly forex scalping is another method where investment is made in trades of short duration thus reducing chances of large losses.


We can conclude here by saying that forex trading gives a lot many opportunities of earning good returns but you need to have proper knowledge about the market and how things functions.