Amīcus Plato, sed magis amīca verĭtas.

 This character was born in the late 22nd year, when AIs became capable of replacing human work. 

The whole internet is littered with fake information, everything is sold, only now it’s called marketing. 

Brokers themselves write praise reviews and pay to remove the bad ones.  We know from former employees of brokers about manipulating quotes and buying “best broker of the year” awards. 

Even the most seemingly reliable companies like JP Morgan, Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, RBS, UBS manipulate the market:


Just look at how many times they have been caught in this

 For corporations, the most important thing is revenue, and customers are just their way of making money. And the bigger the corporation, the better their chances of winning in court or getting paid off.

Stop tolerating it!

We will build a new world! Where there will be no paid reviews of brokers and false information. Only the truth and nothing else, Join Santa’s private club and help US!